Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Should I Buy Or Should I Rent

To Buy Or Not To Buy?

The answer depends on many factors including your age, geographic location, current debt.. The best bet is to come in and crunch the numbers.

Below are some findings from recent studies that might help you:

  • People with responsible mortgages increased their net worth on average by $20,000 over three years compared to only $15,000 for those who rented.* 
  • For some people saving money is tough so buying a home can act like a saving account. 
  • Aside from the potential financial benefit, owning a home provides security and a sense of pride and accomplishment. 
  • Federal income tax benefits from owning a home can be substantial. The ability to deduct mortgage interest and property taxes is the most apparent of these benefits.** 
  • Current low interest rates increase the profitability of homeownership*** 
  • A home "is inflation-protected and a physical asset that doesn't disappear like stocks can do."*** 


*A report published by The Brown School’s Center for Social Development 

**Harvard University, Joint Center for Housing Studies 

***http://money.usnews.com "Why Buying a Home Is a Smart Investment for Millennials

Friday, October 21, 2016

Friday, March 11, 2016

A new home owner closes the deal...thanks to Sheila!

To Whom it may concern,

Buying a house can be a very stressful undertaking but when you’ve got a great mortgage broker it
makes life so much easier. Sheila was awesome. She was friendly, funny and very easy to work with.
She works both Washington and Oregon and is very accommodating in meeting you whenever it’s
convenient for the client. 

 The housing market is very competitive so I needed to get prequalified quickly, to make an offer on a house that I really wanted. Since she was so prompt, it was possible for me to get THAT house. She kept me informed on what was happening and what documents I needed to provide. She always answered my calls or texts promptly. I could tell she has a lot of experience in helping clients get financing. I will not hesitate recommending her to any of my friends that are thinking of buying a house. 

Laurie Adams