Friday, November 20, 2015

The Bolings

As seen above: "Part of Sheila’s email signature reads “I get it done!” and she certainly lives up to her motto!  If like us, you think you may not qualify to buy a home because of less than perfect credit scores, talk to Sheila.  We initially didn’t qualify because of poor credit and a foreclosure, the relationship with most lenders or brokers would have ended at that point, but not Sheila. She analyzed our credit reports and gave us specific instructions as to what to do to get to where we could qualify and even researched my foreclosure to determine the exact date when I would be eligible to buy again.  Once we qualified, Sheila gave us accurate information as to what price range we needed to search in order to meet our monthly payment goal.  When we made an offer and  began the process of applying for a loan Sheila communicated clearly what documentation she needed from us and in a few instances advice on how to obtain it.  Being somewhat inexperienced  home buyers we had a ton of questions and she promptly  and patiently responded to them all.  We also received regular status updates from her once  we were in escrow so we always knew where we were  in the process.  In short, Sheila made what is for most  the least desirable part of buying home swift and easy."
Thank you Sheila!
 Charlie and Michelle Bolin
Special thanks from the realtor:
"Thank you, everyone, for a smooth transaction!.. Charlie, Michelle, and Emma were so excited when they pulled into the driveway. :-)"
Christina Pearl 
Agent with The Real Estate Performance Group
Production Partner for Brian D'Ambrosio

Friday, August 14, 2015

Neighborhood Information

Introducing the first installment of our Portland Metro neighborhood news. We will focus on local Oregon and Vancouver towns with small foot prints and great big hearts!
First up is Sandy Oregon. Vist the link to learn more,